Recruitment Program

Service management recruitment process in accordance with the client's needs. This process allows the efficiency in managing the recruitment process. Time management systems and appropriate allocation of resources is the key to the success of an effective recruitment process.

Stoner, et al (1995) define recruitment as a process of collecting prospective office holders in accordance with the human resources plan to occupy a certain position.
"The recruitment is the development of a pool of job candidates in accordance with a human resource plan" (Stoner, at all, 1995).

The purpose of recruitment is to get prospective employees as much as possible so as to enable the management (recruiter) to choose or select candidates according to the qualifications required by the company. More and more candidates are collected, the better because it is likely to get the best candidates will be even greater.
1. Design and Advertising in the media who have been selected by the client in consultation with the HR (optional).
2. Application incoming selected in accordance with the criteria established candidates.
3. Prospective candidates who are selected administratively called to conduct Individual Assessment.
4. General Interview to explore the potential and verify the test results PnP 5. Presentation of candidates.
6. Delivery of candidates who have been selected to be interviewed by the client. Number of candidates to be sent will be adjusted to the number of candidates will be accepted.
7. Candidates who are selected will be submitted to the client along with the results of assessment of individual development, together with recommendations

KINDNESS in the can through this program are:
- Time efficiency.
- Less effort that needs to be done to find the best candidates.
- Maintaining objectivity in the search for candidates.
- Efficient use of corporate resources.
- Cost efficiency to search for potential candidates.

Scope of work
- Perform administrative selection for incoming application.
- Conducting PnP test and Competency Assessment.
- Conducting General Interview.
- Mengirimakan selected candidates to the clients of the results of incoming application.